In 1957, Morten Erik Schreiber bought a traditional furniture factory in Toerring. He founded Schreibers Moebelfabrik I/S. His son, Torben Schreiber, entered the management in 1983 and throughout the 70s and 80s sales became more international and the export to the United States expanded.

With that the company became dependent on exchange rates and delivery prices. Throughout the 90s, the company developed alternative products. In 1996, all the saws and machines were suited to produce wine boxes.


A new industry

Schreibers quickly learned, that wine boxes had great potential in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe. Speculations concerning delivery prices were dealt with and in 1999 the currency in the rest of Europe were stabilized with the Euro.

Since 1996, Schreibers has developed new products – including displays


Throughout the last couple of years, focus has been on new industries and developing new products. We produce many different customized boxes and displays in close cooperation with our customers.


The latest chapters in history are a lot about the increased focus on exports, and today we ship goods daily to most of Europe. We have a growing network of agents that serve our customers in all northern and central European countries.

We have expanded our staff in order to be more focused on product development, both of our own, but in the high degree of the ideas our customers and partners bring, it has helped make our production even more flexible, especially in terms of concept development for our customers.


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