Trade show stand

Our displays work very well at fairs, and in this regard we have helped more customers build their entire fair.

Shop Fixtures

We are making more and more accessories for shop fittings, walls of boxes and box construction in windows, podiums, retail stores, etc.

Promotion material

Demo tables, tasting trays, a-signs, wooden figures, bar accessories, plant boxes and much much more.

Trade fair stand

Shop interior


Several of our partners use us to produce products that are promotional, including marketing events outside the stores, such as a taste-proof tray with braces. It is only imagination that limits what we can produce.

Below a picture of a rolling table, which served as a bar. The rolling table was an idea from a customer, but afterwards we have made many different types of rolling and folding tables for different purposes.

Over the years we have been involved in many project, from simple promotion material to large scale shop in shop solutions. If you have a project or an idea, but not sure we are the rigth manufacture, then send us a picture or a description of what you need, and we will come with a prototype for you.