We can make wooden boxes for all purposes, from small gift boxes to industrial packaging.

Wine boxes

We all ways keep a stock of at least 10.000 boxes for wine and beer in our warehouse, and if we don't have a size to fit your needs, we will make a box that does.

Customized box

We are always able to make a bespoke box to fit your exact product

Unique design

Many of the boxes that leave our factory are completely unique, designed by your instructions.


With more than 50 years of experience, we know one or two things about what works. And we have many references that can inspire for your solution.

At Schreiber’s we have produced wine boxes since the mid-1990s, and we also have extensive experience in product development and production of unique packaging solutions for sale and presentation of wine, beer, spirits. In recent years we have worked in many other industries and today we make boxes for everything from fish & meat to watches & jewelry, furniture and everything in between.

We assume that we can make a box for any product.

Wine boxes

The Bacchus boxes are very easy to put in bottles because the lid does not require nails.

The classic model, the difference from bacchus is that the lids are attached to the box with nails, which we can not do for you, as you can not get the wine in afterwards.

The Alpha model is with a full covering lid.

The Magnum models, are made to fit magnum bottles, and is made in both bacchus, classic and alpha model.

Special boxes like the meter box, and other gift solutions, like the treasure chest.