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Welcome at Schreibers
If you want a unique solution to match your requirements we are specialist in finding the right products for you


Free standing Displays, that fits in perfectly in all types of stores, bars and restaurants. If you think otherwise we customize a solution for you.


We would like to produce your design, based on a drawing of a napkin or 3D programmed files, we have the most experience. Exhibition stand, shop fittings, displays, etc.


In all sizes and shapes, and for most purposes. Bespoken to your product. You will find a selection of our products on the site, if you do not find what you are looking for, let us know.

What we do

Wine boxes

Almost 25 years ago we started making wine boxes, we still do that and it is still our most important and best-selling product today. We always have more than 10,000 wine boxes in stock in all sizes and models ready to ship.


Our standard range offers a wide range of displays. We are constantly expanding our range, focusing on innovation and the trends of time.

Custom design

In addition to developing our own range, we make daily presentations and designs of boxes and displays with our customers and partners.


We have a large selection of standard boxes for a lot of purposes, gift boxes, beer boxes, fruit boxes, stack boxes etc. Many models are like wine boxes in stock with short delivery time.

Trade fair & Shop interior

In recent years, we have had many experiences with trade show and shop fixtures in addition to displays. Among other things, ifm. instore campaigns and different POS material.

Sawmill and cnc cutting

Our sawmill can solve tasks such as cutting and processing of raw wood, from lists, shelves, to smaller presentations to other productions.


Let your products come to their fullest with a custom-made sales display from Schreiber’s. We make unique displays that enhance your customers’ experience of your products – and thus your sales

Unique design & great flexibility

Based on your needs and your product, we find the perfect solution that increases your sales, brand image, environmental profile – regardless of the goal, a nice wooden box or well designed sales display can safely ensure this.

The process wheel shows how we work during the week up to delivery

Display, fixtures, boxes, trade fair and everything else

If you want a special solution that exactly matches your needs, we would like to make solutions individually tailored to you.
With the entire production under the same roof, close contact with our customers and skilled employees all around, we can handle all order sizes, customize a single box for just you, or serial products for entire supermarket chains. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big.
All production takes place in Denmark, since we receive the Swedish quality tree until the final result is finished.

Box, chest, crates

No matter what you call it – we can help with a solution. We make boxes of all sizes and for most purposes, everything from jewelry and watches to industrial transport and everything in between

The same goes for display and shop fittings, where we have extensive experience in creating extra shelf space and highlighting your product.

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